Is EVERY backup you do encrypted, compressed, automated and taken offsite all at the same time?

WCiT offers 2 client backup agents. OBM is for backing up servers, databases and virtual machines. ACB is for backing up workstations. Both of them support local, cloud and hybrid backups. They are fast and equipped with many dedicated database and virtual machine modules for you to properly backup your databases, VMs and email applications.

Client Speak

  • Our Network is useful again! Wish we had hired WCiT years ago!


    A Network Services Client

    You Network is just WOW! Very impressed with the speed and stability!


    Colo Customer
  • You guys are worth your weight in gold and then some! Thank you so much for your time, effort and the wonderful job WCiT does!


    Private High School

    Customers can actually get through to us! We've increased phone capacity and yet lowered our monthly bill thanks to your VoIP solution!

    Joe B