Kerio Connect


Get Five in One

  • 01


    Manage email, share contacts, and schedule meetings in Outlook, Entourage, iCal, Webmail and Smartphones.

  • 02

    Wireless mobile

    Synchronize with any smartphone over the air. Delete sensitive data on lost of stoles devices

  • 03

    Robust email security

    Stop unwanted email with over 14 anti-spam techniques and dual anti-virus protection

  • 04

    Email archiving

    Maintain compliance and minimize liabilities

  • 05

    Automated backup

    Backup and restore data without server downtime


Email, Calendar and Contacts - Anytime, Anywhere

Windows savvy Manage email and calendar with Microsoft Outlook or Windows Essentials Mail and Calendar applications

Kerio WebMail

  • Access full group-ware features with Internet Explorer, Safari , and Firefox
  • Use Kerio WebMail as a full-featured group-ware alternative to desktop applications

Cross-platform inter-operability

  • Bridge the collaboration gap between Mac, Windows and Linux users with more matching collaboration tools than exchange

Mac friendly

  • Kerio Connect is the only Exchange alternative with full and native groupware support for Microsoft Entourage
  • Sync natively with Apple iCal through CalDAV.
  • Managed personal and public contact with Apple address Book


Increase field productivity

  • Push email, calendars, contact and tasks to mobile workers, Respond to email and meeting invitation while on the go
  • Sync wirelessly with Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile , Treo Palm, Black Berry, and Symbian devices that use mail for Exchange or DataViz's RoadSync client
  • Secure business and personal data on your device. Delete email, calendar and contact remotely with Kerio Smart Wipe in event your phone is lost or stolen
Shared / Public folder



Kerio Webmail



Archiving for complince or governance

  • Archive local, incoming, outgoing and relayed emails
  • View, Search and sort through archives for legal discovery or audits

Compare Kerio VS Microsoft Exchange 2007


MS Exchange

Microsoft Outlook Groupware

Calendar and Contacts

Free/Busy scheduling

Resource scheduling

Global Address List

Journal, Notes, and Tasks

Shared/Public folders

Microsoft Entourage Groupware

Calendar and Contacts

Free/Busy scheduling

Resource scheduling

Global Address List

Shared/Public folders

Apple Mail, Apple Address Book, and Apple iCal

Global Address List

Two-way sync with Apple iCal

CalDAV access from Apple iCal

Calendar delegation through Apple iCal

Web Mail and Web Collaboration

Calendar and Contacts

Free/Busy scheduling

Resource scheduling

Global Address List

Notes and Tasks

Shared/Public folders

Drag and drop

Trainable spellchecker

Out of office

Full version in Firefox

Full version in Safari

Wireless Mobile Groupware*

Apple iPhone

Windows Mobile

Treo Palm


Direct Push

Remote Wipe

Email Archiving for Compliance

Archive incoming, outgoing and relayed messages

Auto-compress archives

Search archive database with email client

User Authentication

Microsoft Active Directory

Apple Open Directory

Linux PAM

Internal database


  • Shared Server Email

    Packages start at $25 per user per year, 100MB per user

  • Starter Package:

    50 users, 200MB ea. @ $1500 per year.

    (That's $2.50 per user per month)
  • Mid Package

    100 users, 200MB ea. @ $2400 per year.

    (That's $2.00 per user per month)
Dedicated Server Email

All dedicated server email packages are built custom for you, and include: the integrated secondary spam & virus protection, and email archiving for up to two years.

Educational discounts available
Additional storage space available upon request

  • All Hosted Email Solutions Include:

    • Independent SMTP, POP3, IMAP & HTTP Services
    • Barracuda Spam and Virus Protection
    • Webmail & Webmail Mini
    • ActiveSync Availabilty
  • Additional Options:

    • Integrated Secondary Anti-Virus
    • Blackberry ActiveSync Client App
    • Dedicated Server for just you/your company's email
  • The WCiT Mail Servers:

    • Dual E5-2630 Processors
    • Virtualized options hosted in WCiT Cloud
    • Full 1Gb/s connection to WCiT Core Network
    • Nightly backups to the WCiT SAN
    • 24 x 7 monitoring

WCiT is an authorized reseller of Kerio Connect.
If you are looking to Purchase Kerio Connect outright, please contact WCiT Sales for special pricing.

Client Speak

  • Our Network is useful again! Wish we had hired WCiT years ago!


    A Network Services Client

    You Network is just WOW! Very impressed with the speed and stability!


    Colo Customer
  • You guys are worth your weight in gold and then some! Thank you so much for your time, effort and the wonderful job WCiT does!


    Private High School

    Customers can actually get through to us! We've increased phone capacity and yet lowered our monthly bill thanks to your VoIP solution!

    Joe B