WCiT is a unique provider of computer services for start-up and small companies through mid-to-large sized companies. We offer the simple services that help start your company and help it grow into a big business. From shared hosting, to cluster and server farms, we keep up with you as your company grows. From corporate services like enterprise anti-spam and anti-virus protection, to colocation in our secure datacenter; whether is just a single 1U server, or you have a couple racks you'd like to bring in.

We know small and mid-sized business because thats how we started. In 2003 we started with just shared hosting, which quickly turned into dedicated machines. In late 2005 we partnered to run our own datacenter. Today we run not only our data center, but we manage our client's datacenters both with onsite and remote services. We offer private VPNs between our datacenter and your office to keep your website as fast as possible, but still in secure communication with your local onsite system.

Our Mission

WCiT's mission is to bring enterprise services and expertise to the small and mid-sized business community without charging an arm and a leg for the services. It's hard enough to start or run a company of a smaller size and to play against the big boys. WCiT is here to help all small business shine just like the big boys without breaking your company's wallet. WCiT is here to help you do what you thought was impossible!

Client Speak

  • Our Network is useful again! Wish we had hired WCiT years ago!


    A Network Services Client

    You Network is just WOW! Very impressed with the speed and stability!


    Colo Customer
  • You guys are worth your weight in gold and then some! Thank you so much for your time, effort and the wonderful job WCiT does!


    Private High School

    Customers can actually get through to us! We've increased phone capacity and yet lowered our monthly bill thanks to your VoIP solution!

    Joe B