WCiT operates two data centers. One located in the Building of the Americas at 401 North Broad Street in Philadelphia, PA, USA. This building has a unique history that has positioned it as one of the most secure and structurally stable data centers in the world. Constructed in the early 1900's by the Department of Defense, the Building of the Americas was specifically designed to withstand the rigors associated with the production of tanks assembled during World War I and II.

The location of the building was chosen by the Department of Defense due to its proximity to the National Rail Lines. The building sits directly above the train tunnels which allowed the production crews to drop the finished tanks onto a flatbed train for easy transport. In the 1950's, AT&T established a Point of Presence (POP) in the Building of the Americas by constructing a phone services network throughout the train tunnels, subsequently linking into all East Coast phone service traffic.

WCiT's second data center is located at 3701 Market Street in Philadelphia, PA, USA within 365 DataCenters in the Science Center. Constructed in 2000, everything about this building is state of the art. This data center is an expansion of our 401 North Broad data center, and is operated independently.

Both data centers are fed by two separate power grids. In addition, both data centers have diesel generators capable of providing power indefinitely in the event of a power outage. All equipment is connected through a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). WCiT's data centers have N+1 redundancy and is SSAE 16 certified. WCiT utilizes a completely redundant network infrastructure consisting of Dual Juniper Networks MX Series routers, as well as Juniper Networks "edge" switches.

In addition to top of the line hardware, WCiT's entire network is run via Multi-10Gigabit Fiber connectivity. This allows WCiT to move massive amounts of bandwidth, even for the most demanding, bandwidth-intensive needs of our customers. WCiT operates a World Class Network featuring TeliaSonera, Level 3 and Cogent IP backbones. These carriers are ranked top in class when it comes to their reach across the globe. We feel they offer the best possible reliability and speed for our customers. WCiT also connects to and operates the Philadelphia Internet exchange known as "Peering Exchange". Peering Exchange allows WCiT to connect to big content providers like Google, Akamai Technologies and Netflix.

WCiT also operates a private dark fiber link between the two data centers and employees a passive CWDM Mux used for both additional transit between buildings, private links for resale, and additional access to the Philadelphia Peering Exchange.

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